Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an atheist to use this program?

Absolutely not.  I chose the title "Meditation for Atheists" to emphasize the fact that this program omits any religious or "new age" mystical elements in favor of a purely functional, scientific approach to meditation. So no matter what your belief system, you should be able to incorporate this style of meditation into your life without any conflict.

What's in the program?

The Meditation for Atheists program consists of 9 audio lectures, 6 of which are guided meditations. The total running time is roughly 3 hours. Most of the lectures are between 15 and 30 minutes.

How do I listen to the program?

You can listen in two ways:

You can listen online, any time you have an internet connection, by simply clicking the Play button on the audio files in your personal customer area of my website.

If you like, you can download the audio MP3 files to any computer, smart phone, tablet, MP3 player, or other digital music device and listen to them any time. You get detailed instructions on how to download and listen to the course when you purchase. It's easy, just takes a few clicks, and you'll be listening in seconds.

I have lost my course username and password, how can I recover it?

You can retrieve your username and password by using the "Lost Password" function on the login page. If you have any trouble retrieving your login info, don't worry, just email us, and we'll send it to you.

I purchased the course, but never received the password.

You should have received an automated email within minutes of your purchase, with your login and access details. If you didn't receive it, this almost always means your email service provider decided it was spam and discarded it. (Brilliant, aren’t they?), If you are lucky, they put it in your spam folder. If so, it's very important you mark it "not spam". If it's not in the spam folder, that means they discarded it entirely. Don't worry. Just email us and we'll re-send you the information. To ensure you get our future communications, you may want to add to your contact list. (Here are instructions on how to do that).

My username and password don’t seem to be working

First, double check that you are using the correct username and password. Then check your spelling, your capitalization (it's case sensitive), and that your CAPS lock key is not on, then try again. If that fails, close your web browser and re-open it to make sure your browser hasn't cached a previous misspelling. You might also try a different web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE), to see if your main browser is just in a bad mood. If all else fails, restart your computer, sometimes that gets things "unstuck". If you're still having trouble, send me an email and we'll get your fixed up.

Can I get this on an audio CD?

Not at this time. If I get enough requests I may consider a CD package in the future. For now, you can either listen online, or download the audio files to your favorite portable device.